Benefits for Hospital/Clinic Mgmt

Hospital/Clinic Mgmt
Zero Capex Model
mCURA: Smart OPD - is based on a zero capex model where hospitals pay on per patient basis. The entire cloud technology platform, hardware devices like NFC - HP Tablets/Displays, iPads, Card readers, NFC cards enabling hospitals to quickly move into mobility without any upfront IT infra costs. In order to facilitate the patients, we provide every OPD chamber with NFC enabled displays outside as info board which in turn connected centrally with huge patient engagement wall & patient mobile app.

Additional Support Staff

Hospitals/Clinics can also avail Techno-Skilled “Patient Relationship Executives” who receives & manages patient transition smoothly to the new system by educating patients and hospital staff on the use of hardware and technology. At the same time our “Clinical Informatics Secretary” work as trained medico assistants to doctors at their OPD chambers digitizes patient records. By this way we maximize Health-IT adoption & automate order fulfilments.

“Wow” factor to patients

By our workflow enhancements hospital OPDs achieve the near impossible- reduced patient waiting time and improved patient experience. With unique features like “Shortest Service Path”, “Tap & Pay” , “Queue Management “, “Digitized EMR”, “Automated Order Fulfilment”, “Tele-consultation” and many other, we empower your patients to gain relevant information at right time in their finger tips.

Higher Patient Intakes

Our platform hugely helps doctor do faster and more efficient patient consulting. Our technological features such as “ Drug Index Reference” , “Templatized prescriptions”, “Image comparison”, “Patient Education Content” assisted by Clinical informatics executive makes it practical. By automating common tasks and equipping doctors with faster and more reliable EMR systems, doctors are able to handle more patients per hour.

Leakage Monitoring

Since we transform hospitals/clinics in to digitized environment, we provide full transparency to the management on real time basis. Digitization helps track the investigation orders or medicine orders Vs conversion in the pharmacy/ lab. We have intelligent system to capture the reasons for leakage either delay in fulfilment , stock unavailability or staff’s inefficiency. We also generate real time alerts to concerned departments to curtail the damages. By this way we improve revenue and proud to share that we have even doubled the revenue in few hospitals.

Better & Precise MIS

Get better and Precise MIS with our dashboard from anywhere/anytime from your mobile/computer. You shall get real time order Vs conversion data, ETA at each counter including lab and pharmacy and usage metrics. Our Powerful analytics engine help you make better decisions with the right data points in your hands.

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