Benefits for Doctor

Smart OPD Carry your practice on your Mobile. Our Smart OPD : Doctor app provides multi-hospital/ clinics – appointments in one view helps plan your time better. All your patient records either self - entered in OPD or by our “ Clinical Informatics Executive” available anytime to access from your phone. Adds value especially when patient calls for any doubt.

Interactive EMR Module

Our EMR module captures past history, vital signs, patient specific critical clinical parameters with plotted abnormal occurrences & trends, previous medical advice and diagnosis entry, lab reports and diagnostic images etc. This allows you to easily retrieve the patient information anytime anywhere and refer to it during the patient’s next visit. On your authorisation you have the flexibility to send subset of the records to print as e-visit summary / e-prescription .This also helps the patients to carry their records digitally in the mobile and share. You will get access to full clinical history, saving lot of time and ensuring a more efficient and informed diagnosis. We also provide customizable prescription templates and drug index references as part of EMR and can be retrieved at point of care without opening multiple sites.

Pictures/Audio/Video/Explanatory Diagrams
EMR As differentiators, we have provided the option for you in EMR itself to capture pics of wound , or take video of patient condition & tag it in patient record. Also you can put your comments as text or mark in any various different colors in those pics and can share it with any doctors you like for further diagnosis or opinion. Same way you have the option to receive such pics from other doctors for advice and charge them too. You can store standard explanatory diagrams in your template library and call it when you have to educate your patients better and explanatory diagrams can be part of your printed visit summary.
You can also maintain your medical advices as video/audio library . This helps you to choose and attach personalized content to relevant patients & in turn gets in to patient’s mobile directly.

Clinical Informatics Secretary

As an optional service, we provide you with “Clinical Informatics Secretary” who assists in digitization by adding/updating all patient past/family/ health conditions , old record retrievals, recording patient current prescriptions and other advices digitally and takes care of entire patient management for you.
This allow you to focus more on patient than on time consuming administrative tasks

Specialty Consulting via Video/Audio

Tele Consultation Through our Smart OPD – Mobile app you can provide tele- consultation via audio/video. You can also consult with other specialists or let other doctors to consult you along with patients seamlessly with full access to patient health records on your phone, saving time and giving better patient healthcare. This helps you increase your presence beyond geographical boundaries. You can also add payment gateway to provide Tele-consulting as paid service. We also provide you with tele-consultation scratch cards which you can give it to your patients for review calls without giving access to your mobile no. This Tele-OPD shall be similar to your direct visit OPD where you can specify your tele-consult timings and fee. Callers will be only connected in those timings with automated payment verification.

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