Benefits for Patient

When you visit hospital/clinic you always look for some information like what is the current token no? Is doctor arrived? The patient who got in before you was there in queue? Post consultation you have to take the doctor advice to pharmacy/ multiple investigation /procedure counters & you have to go to counter to counter to gain the waiting time for X-Ray, MRI etc...tiring... time consuming...

mCURA: Smart OPD - provides all above information in your mobile phone. As soon as you register in front desk of your hospital/clinic you will get SMART CARD (Registration + cash card) & will be prompted to download our “1MEDKEY” app . Your 1MEDKEY app is one place to store all your medical records, all your medical bills/payment transactions, check doctor availability, real time token broadcaster not only for doctors also for all investigation / diagnostic counters & pharmacy.

In hospitals where our cash card is bundled you can avail “Tap & Pay Service”. Our “Shortest Service Path” saves you from traffic inside the hospital/clinic and provides you with an intelligent queue that minimizes waiting time.

Your Medical Records @ one place

Hospitals/Clinics enabled by us have the ability to store patient records digitally & patients automatically get a copy in their mobile phone. This means, no more thick files to carry around each time you visit your doctor. Your prescriptions, lab reports, tests are all available to you 24 x 7 on your mobile app, allowing you and your doctor to quickly consult with each other in any emergency. You can also store all your medical records by our self storing option as picture/data irrespective of hospital’s Smar tOPD service. Our app gives you power to share it with any of your family member or other doctors either through app or by simple email.

Tap & Pay Service

Our unique Smart Card that has the capability to access your records/ gain your bills / fulfil your payments/ book your appointments from your mobile phone or through our tablets/displays kept outside every doctor’s chamber and in all investigation counters. You can use your cash card to pay for hospital services easily without waiting in any queue from any of these counters. Simply recharge it and tap your card at the counter to pay for your doctor fee, investigation bills & medicine delivery. No more waiting in lines for boring payments to be done.

You also have the option to choose the tests that you want to take and choose the duration of medicines from the prescribed duration. Example doctor prescribed 3 months of medication, you have the flexibility to choose 1 month of medicine to order with chemists. Rest you can maintain in refill reminder. This helps to plan your medicine spend as per your convenience

Shortest Service Path

Based on the existing patient queue in each counters inside the hospital, our intelligent algorithm instantly calculates wait times and provides you the fastest service path between various lab tests recommended by the doctor. Also you can pay for these services from your mobile phone or hospital registration card by taping on the tablet capt outside each counter. No more endless waits outside labs.

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